News / 2020

Changes in the Polish civil procedure – part 2

Our Legal Report No. 2/2020 concerned the plans to introduce intellectual property courts into the Polish legal system; we also examined an autonomous definition of cases that shall fall under their jurisdiction. In two weeks that passed since we published that report, a significant progress has occurred in the legislative process: on the 13th of February the Sejm voted in favor of the revisions proposed by the Senate and the bill was adopted; on the 24th of February it was signed by the President of Poland.

It can be therefore officially stated that the intellectual property courts will become a reality.

Their establishment however does not exhaust a broad spectrum of changes proposed in the Act amending the Code of the Civil Procedure and several other acts. Below you can find our further analysis of the solutions that are expected to come to existence just a little ways down the road — this time with a focus on questions of obligatory participation of professional representatives in proceedings, new regulations regarding the means of evidence, as well as special actions.

We are attempting to foresee how these new regulations might reshape proceedings in intellectual property cases before Polish courts.

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