News / 2016

Seminar „Diagnostic assays based on molecular markers. Discussion platform on patenting procedures”

On May 10th-11th 2016 The Polish Patent Office (PPO) together with The European Patent Office (EPO) organized a seminar on “Diagnostic Assays Based on Molecular Markers. Discussion Platform on Patenting Procedures”.

The object of this seminar was to discuss current issues concerning the use of molecular markers in medical diagnosis in Poland and in the world.

The first day of the seminar was dedicated for experts from EPO and PPO and took place behind closed doors. Experts discussed the existing practice and methodology of investigating this kind of applications in their Offices.

On the second day, the seminar was available for the wider audience. A wide range of guests were invited: Polish entrepreneurs of the medical and biotechnological market, university and research representatives working in the business as well as Patent Attorneys who are filing patent applications in this field of science.

President of the Polish Patent Office Alicja Adamczak, PhD opened the meeting and guests introduced their presentations: professor Jan Lubiński from Read-Gene SA, WTS Patent Attorneys Anna Grzelak and  Rafał Witek, EPO experts Niels Stevnsborg, Jan Gabriels and Henrik Knudsen and PPO experts Małgorzata Kozłowska and Luiza Godecka.

During the meeting basic criteria concerning patentability of the solutions based on molecular markers were discussed. Furthermore, a new case law in the patentability scope of this kind solutions in Europe as well as in the USA was presented. Moreover, information about commercialization of the inventions in molecular diagnosis and the influence of recent changes in the patent law on companies on the biotechnological market were also given during the meeting.

Attached please find our presentation.


This seminar was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience among science and industry representatives, patent attorneys and  experts from EPO and PPO.

The seminar was held in English.