Practice Areas

Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation

WTS Patent Attorneys has specialised in legal advice relating to the identification of and minimizing patent risks inherent in the market entry of pharmaceuticals.

Our team has conducted many court processes before the Polish Patent Office and civil courts, in cases concerning patent invalidation as well as matters concerning their infringement.

Our experiences:

Alendronate patent PL 195 272 – invalidation action, non-infringement declaratory action

Venlafaxine patent PL 188 444 – non-infringement declaratory action

Quetiapine patent PL189887 – invalidation action

Repaglinide patent PL170210 – invalidation action

Oxaliplatine patent PL197948 – invalidation action

Montelukast patent PL 178671 – invalidation action, non-infringement declaratory action, infringement action

Dorzolamide patent PL 176 373 – non-infringement declaratory action

Esomeprazole patents: PL 178 994, PL 180 395, PL 180 598 – invalidation actions, non-infringement declaratory action, infringement action

Docetaxel patent PL 173 951 – invalidation action

Drospirenone + Ethynyloestradiol patent PL 199028 – infringement action, invalidation action

Herceptin patent PL202369 – invalidation action

Tiotropium patent PL209520 – opposition action

Clopidogrel + Acetylsalicylic acid patent PL 187292 – invalidation action

Capecitabine SPC for patent PL174100 – invalidation action

Tropenole patent PL 209 520 – opposition action

Budesonide + Formeterol patent PL190782 – invalidation action

Rituximab patent PL 200 134 – invalidation action

Valsartan + Amlodipine patent PL 194604 – invalidation action

Formulation for inhalation patent PL/EP1699434 – infringement action