Patents Without Secrets

We are excited to present you a new series of articles wherein we would like to share with you our knowledge in the field of industrial law in a concise, clear and accessible fashion.

The texts will be published regularly; we would like them to constitute a database of sorts for the use of our Clients. Our goal is to equip you with certain tools that would make your navigating amid the problems that we deal with far more comfortable.


  1. Proceedings before the UPSTO. A provisional patent application (Patents Without Secrets No. 8/2020)
  2. Proceedings before the UPSTO – The continuation-in-part application (Patents Without Secrets No. 9/2020)
  3. Proceedings before the UPSTO – Request for Continued Examination (RCE) (Patents Without Secrets No. 10/2020)
  4. Limitations to patent rights: compulsory licenses in the Polish legal system (Patents Without Secrets No. 11/2020)
  5. Limitations to patent rights: The fair use of protected inventions (Patents Without Secrets No. 1/2021)
  6. The extended scope of patent rights: Articles 64 and 65 of the IPL (Patents Without Secrets No. 2/2021)
  7. Patent licensing (Patents Without Secrets No. 3/2021)