Katarzyna Borycka-Kiciak, the founder of OASIS Diagnostics represented by WTS, named the Businesswoman of the Year in the category Start-Up of the Year

WTS Patent Attorneys are representing OASIS Diagnostics [Inc.] whose founder and CEO is Katarzyna Borycka-Kiciak. It is a Polish company specialized in medical technologies that has been established with the goal of developing a new method of diagnosing sphincter injuries that may appear particularly after natural child birth. Patents have already been granted in Poland and in Russia, and currently measures are being taken to guarantee a patent protection in Canada, in the USA, as well as before the European Patent Office.

At the starting point, OASIS Diagnostics identified a problem of great importance — every fourth woman suffers some kind of sphincter injury after natural vaginal delivery, and in 80% of cases injuries occurring during delivery remain undetected and undiagnosed, while the earlier such a condition is observed, the easier it is to provide a patient with  optimal treatment. In the case of not taking necessary action, injuries can clearly cause  decrease in quality of women’s everyday life, leading them even to withdrawal from social life. 

The diagnostic system developed by OASIS is called ONIRY and it consists of three parts: a sensitive probe equipped with silver electrodes, a wireless analytical device (impedance spectrometer), as well as an application serving to interpret results that are produced; it can be downloaded to laptops, smartphones and tablets. The solution created by OASIS Diagnostics involves using measurement of impedance: once the probe is applied, generation of current signals of constant amplitude is initiated. The measuring electrodes register electric voltage signals from the pelvic floor muscles that matches their electric impedance — through analyzing data which is obtained in the process, potential injuries can be revealed. 

The method developed by OASIS Diagnostics has a number of advantages. Undoubtedly, one of its overarching virtues is its efficiency (preliminary tests confirm the accuracy of results of 86,4% in comparison to the most thorough ultrasonographic examination). It is crucial that it permits to identify injuries shortly after delivery: the method is safe and non-invasive (probe diameter is just 1 cm, and in order to perform a test no special qualifications are necessary); furthermore, whole examination is distinctly fast — it does not take more than 1 minute. Moreover, it is far less expensive than other available methods. Thanks to diagnostic using ONIRY, intervention that might be necessary to repair a sphincter muscle could be carried out immediately. 

The title of the Businesswoman of the Year in the category Start-Up for the year for the founder and CEO of OASIS Diagnostics, Katarzyna Borycka-Kiciak, is a very prestigious recognition. The decision of the jury of the competition organized by the Foundation   Business Written With a Lipstick (Fundacja Biznes Pisany Szminką) demonstrates that the work undertaken by Katarzyna is vital and deeply appreciated. With ONIRY every year millions of women will be able to deliver their children safely. 

The members of WTS team that represents OASIS Diagnostics are: Andrzej Witek, Justyna Juszkiewicz and Małgorzata Zawadzka.