Acting on behalf of a renowned in corporated company which had been active for several years on the chemical reagent market and was interested in purchasing a novel technical product, we identified a scientific partner. By conducting patent searches we aided in the verification of the development efforts. Research performed jointly with the scientific partner made it possible to produce an innovative material with high market potential and a wide range of uses. The patent application which we prepared facilitated not only the protection of the exclusive rights to the technology, but also formed the basis for the initiation of collaboration with other companies and trade partners. The licensing agreements which we designed are currently the foundation for the extension of a franchising network concerned with further development and commercialisation of the technology produced.

Acting on behalf of a well known pharmaceutical holding, we provided legal assistance in the introduction of a novel generic drug. By applying a “torpedo strategy,” we protected our client against the results of an action for an injunction. An invalidation motion filed against a third party patent at the PPO further strengthened the market position of the product.

Acting on behalf of a reputable, stock exchange-listed company possessing rights to a brand well known in Poland, we assisted the issue of new stocks designed to obtain capital for the development of the brand and its marketing network in Poland. Our activity prior to the release of new stocks included the prosecution of infringers of the exclusive rights, conducting of licensing negotiations as well as strengthening and rejuvenation of the exclusive rights portfolio held by the company. This greatly augmented the strength of the brand held by our client, and the stock issuance was a complete success.

In collaboration with a team of notable Polish geneticists, we prepared over a dozen Polish and international patent applications, and have obtained the first patents. The portfolio thus created became the basis for the commercialization of the protected inventions. The WTS group assisted in the formation of a start-up company and prepared the licensing agreements forming the foundation of technology transfer. The company has acquired its first capital investors, and will soon debut on the New Connect exchange.

We assist in the commercialisation of research results obtained in Polish scientific institutions. We have designed and helped implement IP management regulations in several units of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Science and Information Technology, we have participated in the formulation of the principles of a program for the commercialisation of Polish research results entitled “Patent plus”. In conjunction with the Centre for Technology Transfer of the University of Wrocław, we have designed a script as well as lectures for the subject entitled “Protection and Commercialisation of Research results” held for the students of Biology. We have also conducted a series of similar lectures for PhD students at theWarsaw University of Technology.

Making use of EFS funds and aid from the Foundation for Polish Science, and in collaboration with the FIRE foundation, we have created patent centres active in Lower Silesia and Mazovia. Acting on behalf of a large capital group belonging to a Polish financial investor, we have verified the patent situation of several potential investment projects (IP duediligence), protecting our client against investing in overly risky and unprotected solutions, while indicating the favourable patent status of offers worth consideration. The rights to an innovative technology for the reclamation of by-products of biodiesel production have been purchased by our client, and the results of further research and development have been submitted for patent protection.