Patents and utility models

WTS Patent Attorneys aids its clients in all procedural and legal matters relating to European, International and Polish patent applications, patents, and utility models. Furthermore, we cooperate with numerous foreign attorneys to represent our international clients in Polish and European proceedings dealing with the protection of intellectual property rights.

Our services include the following:

  • patent queries in order to determine the extant state of the art and the legal status of third party applications;
  • evaluation of the possibilities of obtaining legal protection for a given technical solution or trade mark, examinations for patentability;
  • evaluation and rendering of opinions on marketability and determination of the scope of any existing exclusive rights of third parties;
  • legal and technical assistance in matters of licensing, selling and making-available of exclusive rights and know-how, particularly:
  • aiding in the preparation of offers for investors;
  • searching for investors, estimating the value of non-material property;
  • participating in negotiations;
  • assistance in the selection of an optimal patent strategy;
  • preparation and verification of patent and utility model applications;
  • filing of patent and utility model applications in Poland and abroad, and supervision of application proceedings.

International patent applications may be submitted directly as international applications at the national level, or regionally (i.e. European Patent applications), or as international applications within the confines of the PCT;

  • preparing and filing non-patent ability statements / opposition suits as well as initiating invalidation proceedings against in-process or granted patents before the Polish Patent Office or European Patent Office;
  • obtaining additional legal protection for medicinal products and phyto-protectants (i.e. Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs).