Support of the investment process

We provide consulting services to entities who are either planning to invest or are already investing in innovative enterprises. By carrying out IP due diligence (i.e. comprehensive audits), relating to industrial property rights, we are able to assist investors in identifying and evaluating the innovativeness of technologies being reviewed. As part of the audit, we also determine the strength of the portfolio of exclusive rights for a project as well as the possibility of strengthening it further (patentability). Furthermore, we evaluate the stage of development of competing technologies as well as the risk level of collision with third-party exclusive rights (freedom-to-operate). The expertise which we provide makes it possible to conduct an investment process successfully.

Sound investment into novel technologies is impossible without taking into account industrial property rights. We carry out a complex audit of intellectual property rights (IP due diligence) which encompasses two primary aspects:

  • evaluation of the strength of the exclusive property rights portfolio of a given project and the options for augmenting it (patentability),
  • evaluation of the freedom to operate (patent purity / freedom-to-operate searches), the goal of which is to identify potential patent barriers which may constitute obstacles to the commercialisation of a given product or technology.

We are involved in the generation of exclusive rights portfolios for several fresh innovative enterprises wishing to debut on the New Connect trade floor in Warsaw. We have participated in the creation of several spin-off companies, securing their technologies and drafting their IP strategy.

Our services are also in demand by enterprises making use of EU funds marked for innovative companies. We aid them during both the application and manufacturing processes. For this group of clients we obtain exclusive rights relating to innovative products and draft technology transfer contracts.

Our clients include large corporate entities looking to radically rejuvenate their product lines and to obtain novel technologies. By regularly evaluating and opining propositions made to these clients, we aid them in making beneficent business decisions. We also participate in the search, procurement and verification of novel technologies. We draft licensing agreements with partners involved in various stages of R&D; starting with the research phase and prototyping, through the construction of distribution network and further development of innovative products and technologies.