The partners authorized to represent our Company

We would like to inform you that by the order of the District Court in Warsaw, XVI Commercial and Registration Department (file no. XVI GCo 271/18) of December 5, 2018

Ms. Anna Grzelak


Ms. Joanna Dargiewicz

have been suspended in the exercising of their right to run the affairs of the partnership and their right to represent the partnership:

WTS Patent Attorneys – Witek, Sniezko and Partners (hereinafter referred to as the Company).

The partners authorized to represent the Company remain:

Rafał Witek, Founding Partner, e-mail:, patent cases

Agnieszka Śnieżko, Founding Partner, e-mail:, trademark cases

Anna Gdula, Partner, e-mail:,patent cases

Anna Rożkowicz, Partner, e-mail:, patent cases

Andrzej Witek, Partner, e-mail:, patent cases