Value of the IP portfolio of our Client, Genomtec S.A., estimated at EUR 191.336 million

In the last few days, we have been pleased to find out about the success of one of our Clients. 

Genomtec S.A. is a Wrocław-based technology company operating in the field of clinical diagnostics, which was established in 2016. Recently, Genomtec has commissioned a valuation of its intellectual property portfolio from Dennemeyer — an independent firm operating globally.

The case of Genomtec S.A. demonstrates clearly the significance of the role that intellectual property plays in building a company’s value. 

The fair value of Genomtec’s intellectual property was estimated at EUR 191.336 gross. This amount is many times higher than the company’s capitalization on NewConnect market where Genomtec is currently listed. The IP portfolio of Genomtec encompasses 9 patents and 26 patent applications on global markets. Dennemeyer appreciated the coherence and the scope of protection of the technology developed by the company. This information should be particularly valuable to current and potential investors, especially, considering that the company is preparing to enter the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange and plans to continue its international expansion. 

We have been lucky to have had an opportunity to collaborate with Genomtec since its establishment. In this period, a team led by the patent attorney Andrzej Witek, has prepared and conducted patent applications proceedings for Genomtec, a number of which have reached their subsequent phases abroad, regionally, and internationally.