Rafał Witek was awarded a badge of honor “For the Merits in Inventiveness”

The Prime Minister M. Morawiecki granted the patent attorneys Ms. Joanna Bocheńska and Mr. Rafał Witek, a partner and co-founder of our firm, a badge of honor “For the Merits in Inventiveness”. 

In the case of Rafał, this distinction is an acknowledgment of his achievements as a patent attorney whose successes in securing and enforcing of industrial property rights are remarkable, especially when it comes to biotechnological and pharmaceutical inventions. 

On the Prime Minister’s behalf, the badge of honor was presented by the President of the Polish Patent Office during the 14th National Congress of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys that took place on the 15th and 16th of October. 

The 14th Congress was also dedicated to the election of the new leadership of the Chamber. Ms. Dorota Rzążewska was elected as the President of the Polish Chamber of Patent Attorneys, while the partners at our firm were also appointed to offices in the statutory bodies. Ms. Anna Gdula, Ph.D. (who was also a member of the Presidium of the Congress) as well as Mr. Piotr Adamczyk joined the National Board of the Chamber, while Rafał Witek — the Audit Committee.