Rafał Witek participated in the UNION-IP Roundtable in Munich

On the 24th of February a roundtable session of the UNION-IP took place in Munich. The subject of the meeting which was entitled “What Does My Claim Cover?” were the consequences of the changes in the amendments to patents claims during and after patent proceedings. Rafał Witek, a Partner at our firm, attended the event. 

UNION-IP is an organization operating since 1961. It provides a forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge for European patent attorneys. One of the main goals of the association is monitoring IP-related legislative processes in European countries and influencing the developments of new laws. 

This time, during the winter roundtable (the first offline since 2020), the participants discussed the recent changes to the EPO Guidelines concerning amendments in patent descriptions, in proceedings before courts and the EPO. The debate was held in a pleasant atmosphere and was very fruitful; experienced patent attorneys as well as judges representing numerous European countries shared their views on the subject.