WTS Patent attorneys have ensured a patent protection for a diagnostic technology developed by Genomtec SA [Inc.]

A company represented by WTS Patent Attorneys, Genomtec has obtained a patent protection for a diagnostic method that permits to minimize drastically size of a laboratory device. Through applying molecular technologies, the company has developed a mobile DNA and RNA analyzer — a laboratory that fits into a user’s pocket. 

Genomtec ID, a device not much larger than a smartphone, offers cutting-edge possibilities for diagnostics. It permits to identify pathogens, such as bacteria, virus and fungi, as well as genetic mutations, which makes it apt for wide range of use cases: from doctor’s office, through emergency departments, to smaller laboratories.

What makes the solution created by Genomtec so appealing, is above all its user-friendliness. Performing a test using the analyzer, is not more difficult than when it comes to a standard glucose meter test — it does not require any special knowledge or experience. All that is necessary is to apply biological material to the reaction card and run the analyzer. Furthermore, Genomtec ID allows to reduce time duration of a test without impairing precision of results. It is possible thanks to the SNAT technology that guarantees that the entire process takes place in a constant temperature and tests do not require neither heating, nor cooling.

There is no doubt that the mobile molecular analyzer Genomtec ID rises to challenges of modern times. It has a chance of becoming a very valuable weapon in a combat against such threats as growing antibiotic resistance, increase in the number of cancer cases, or complications due to bacterial and viral infections.

It must be also highlighted that especially now, at the moment of the COVID-19 pandemic, Genomtec ID could be applied for a fast, effective and reliable diagnostic testing for COVID-19. While the intensive works regarding the introduction of the analyzer into laboratories, doctors’ offices, as well as commercial market (what is expected to happen in the late 2021) are in place, the company predicts that in the span of just a few next weeks it shall be able to offer in the European Union certified diagnostic test kits serving to identify SARS-CoV-2.

The members of WTS team representing Genomtec include Andrzej Witek, Krystian Żygadło, Małgorzata Zawadzka and Justyna Juszkiewicz.