Seminar: „Patentability issues in the fields of pharmacy and biotechnology”

On May 8-9,2018 The Polish Patent Office (PPO) together with The European Patent Office (EPO) organized a seminar on Patentability issues in the fields of pharmacy and biotechnology”.

This meeting of Patent Attorneys and Examiners was aimed at discussing the newest guidelines and current problems associated with patenting inventions in the fields of pharmacy and biotechnology in Poland and worldwide.


The first day of the seminar was dedicated for experts from the EPO and the PPO and took place behind closed doors. Examiners discussed the existing practice and methodology of search and examination of this kind of applications in their respective Offices.

The seminar was available for the wider audience on the 9th May 2018. A wide range of guests were invited: Polish entrepreneurs of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological market, university, research and technology transfer centers representatives cooperating with business, as well as Patent Attorneys who are filing patent applications in these technical fields.

The President of the Polish Patent Office Alicja Adamczak together with Niels Stevnsborg as the representative of the European Patent Academy and the EPO opened the meeting and welcomed the guests. The presentations were given by Examiners from the EPO, Jörg Konter, Giovanni Macchia, Examiners from the PPO, Joanna Chylińska, Małgorzata Kozłowska, Ewa Waszkowska, representatives from business, Katarzyna Matusiewicz from Adamed, Jolanta Chlebicka-Dominiak from Legal Counsel and Patent Attorneys and partners from our company WTS Patent Attorneys: Anna Grzelak and  Rafał Witek.

During the meeting basic criteria concerning patentability of the solutions in the fields of pharmacy and biotechnology were discussed. Furthermore, a new case law related to the patentability scope of this kind of solutions were presented. Moreover, possibilities of obtaining protection for such inventions  were discussed, especially in the context of first and further medical use  in Poland, Europe and worldwide.

Attached please find our presentation.


This seminar was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience among science and industry representatives, Patent Attorneys and  Examiners from the EPO and the PPO.

The seminar was held in English.