Interview with Targem Translations about an impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the IP sector

In last few weeks a New York-based company Targem Translations, specializing in providing clients with legal translation services, extended to us an invitation to take part in an extraordinary project.

The vlog Global IP Update consists of a series of conservations with practitioners in the field of IP law coming from diverse jurisdictions: from Brazil and Mexico, through the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, ending with South Africa, Israel and India. The leitmotif of the interviews is an impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the IP sector.

It was a pleasure to share with the vlog’s audience a perspective of patent attorneys operating in Polish jurisdiction: we presented our point of view on regulations of anti-crisis shield that influence the shape of proceedings in which we represent our clients. We took this opportunity to reflect on the nature of challenges that the sector is facing in the context of the current crisis.

In the interview conducted by Yitz Rubin our company was represented by Maciej Gajos who joined our team in January of 2020.

We cordially invite you to watch the recording of this conversation.