1. “Visegrad Patent Institute (VPI) – easier way to international patent protection” (PDF)
  2. “The Bolar exemption: the need for agreement” (PDF)
  3. “The European Take on the Bolar Provision – the conclusion from Astellas vs. Polpharma” (PDF)
  4. “Patentability of the biotechnological inventions in Poland” (PDF)
  5. “Special Provisions Governing Biotechnological Inventions in Poland” (PDF)
  6. “Supplementary Protection Certificate (SPC) in Poland – basic regulations” (PDF)
  7. “Ethics and Patentability in Biotechnology” (PDF)
  8. “The First Year of SPC in Poland: A Tentative Summary” (PDF)
  9. The amendment of the Polish Industrial Property Act (WTS Legal Report No. 1/2020) (PDF)
  10. Changes in the civil procedure Part 1 (WTS Legal Report No. 2/2020) (PDF)
  11. The CRISPR/Cas9 case before the European Patent Office (WTS Legal Report No. 3/2020) (PDF)
  12. Changes in the civil procedure – Part 2 (WTS Legal Report No. 4/2020) (PDF)
  13. Pay-for-delay agreements in rulings of the CJEU (WTS Legal Report No. 5/2020) (PDF)
  14. Unified Patent Court – a future that dissolves into a pipe dream? (WTS Legal Report No. 6/2020) (PDF)
  15. Can the Unified Patent Court be saved? (WTS Legal Report No. 7/2020) (PDF)
  16. European Union trade marks and Brexit (WTS Legal Report No. 8/2020) (PDF)
  17. Pepper case: exceptions to patentability in the opinion of Enlarged Board of Appeal of the EPO of May 14, 2020 (WTS Legal Report No. 9/2020) (PDF)
  18. Deposit of Biological Materials (WTS Legal Report No. 10/2020) (PDF)
  19. The conditions for granting an SPC – the judgment of the CJEU in Royalty Pharma case) (WTS Legal Report No. 11/2020) (PDF)
  20. The judgment of the CJEU in the Santen case- A new medical use of an existing product and an SPC eligibility (WTS Legal Report No. 12/2020)  (PDF)
  21. The claim to increase a remuneration for an employee’s invention in the Polish legal system (WTS Legal Report No. 13/2020) (PDF)