WTS Legal Reports

  1. The amendment of the Polish Industrial Property Act (WTS Legal Report No. 1/2020)
  2. Changes in the civil procedure – Part 1 (WTS Legal Report No. 2/2020)
  3. The CRISPR/Cas9 case before the European Patent Office (WTS Legal Report No. 3/2020)
  4. Changes in the civil procedure – Part 2 (WTS Legal Report No. 4/2020)
  5. Pay-for-delay agreements in rulings of the CJEU (WTS Legal Report No. 5/2020)
  6. Unified Patent Court — a future that dissolves into a pipe dream? (WTS Legal Report No. 6/2020)
  7. Can the Unified Patent Court be saved? (WTS Legal Report No. 7/2020)
  8. European Union trade marks and Brexit (WTS Legal Report No. 8/2020)
  9. Pepper case: exceptions to patentability in the opinion of Enlarged Board of Appeal of the EPO of May 14, 2020 (WTS Legal Report No. 9/2020)
  10. Deposit of Biological Materials (WTS Legal Report No. 10/2020)
  11. The conditions for granting an SPC – the judgment of the CJEU in Royalty Pharma case (WTS Legal Report No. 11/2020)
  12. The judgment of the CJEU in the Santen case- A new medical use of an existing product and an SPC eligibility (WTS Legal Report No. 12/2020)
  13. The claim to increase a remuneration for an employee’s invention in the Polish legal system (WTS Legal Report No. 13/2020)
  14. First filing requirement in Poland (WTS Legal Report No. 14/2020)
  15. Patent rights: an obstacle for development of a vaccine against COVID-19? (WTS Legal Report No. 15/2020)
  16. The Unified Patent Court. A new episode in the long-running series (WTS Legal Report No. 1/2021)
  17. New guidelines published by the President of the Polish Patent Office (WTS Legal Report No. 2/2021)
  18. What is permitted under the TRIPS Agreement when it comes to the scarcity of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines? (WTS Legal Report No. 3/2021)
  19. The Debate on the Suspension of Patents for Vaccines Against SARS-CoV-2 (WTS Legal Report No. 4/2021)
  20. The New EPO Guidelines: An Overview of the Key Changes (WTS Legal Report No. 5/2021)
  21. Infringements of second medical use patents. An overview of the selected case law (WTS Legal Report No. 6/2021)